Fit for Work Symposium – Recording from ER-WCPT 2016

We are delighted to bring you a complete audio and visual recording of the Fit for Work Symposium which took place at the 2016 European Region of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy 4th Congress in Liverpool in 2016.

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Clips here: (available to all!)

Clip 1: 

Clip 2: 

Huge thanks to the speakers for allowing us to record everything live, and to the CSP’s Natalie Beswetherick who chaired superbly, and most of the questions were captured too. We hope you agree it takes you on comprehensive journey about the issues of work and health for Physiotherapists which is very important right now because of the current Green paper consultation about the future of Fit notes, the Fit for Work service, Occupational Health provision and many other topics that Physios and AHPs can potentially have roles in. We need to step up and get involved NOW!

Speakers are 

Prof Heather Gray, Physiotherapist, Senior Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University

Prof Karen Walker-Bone, Associate Professor of Occupational Rheumatology at University of Southhampton, and Director of the Arthritis Research UK MRC for Musculoskeletal Health & Work

Heather Watson (me!), Consultant Physiotherapist, Registered Member of ACPOHE, Adv Cert OH, PGC App Erg, PVRA

David Imber – PVRA, Professional Member of the VRA and a Fellow of the IEP. He has over 30 years experience leading employment programmes in the private, charitable and public sectors. He now works on research, training and the design of employment projects, and in consultancy to the EU and overseas government agencies. He provides evidence-based training and qualifications for employment advisors, and has led multi-country projects developing skill courses for employment advisors of disadvantaged people.


(Please note the Government green paper consultation has just closed, so in due course we will hear the impact of responses and whether AHPs will be allowed to sign fit notes amongst other things!)

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Also, considerable gratitude to Jack Chew and Jack March of the Physio Matters Podcast team @TPMPodcast for giving their time and expertise to record and edit this so that we can make it available to you all for absolutely no cost to you. It is 100% complete due to their expertise 🙂


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