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We will be adding to this page very soon but in the meantime here are a few good places to visit for free resources, information about work and health, and other bits and bobs:


Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems: A Guide for Clinic and Workplace, Identifying Obstacles Using the Psychosocial Flags Framework. (This is one of my top tips for resources – check it out)

Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems, based on the Flags Framework, is the essential handbook for helping people with musculoskeletal problems recover in order to stay active and return to work.

Information about the Resource Book:

Downloads here:


ACPOHE – Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health & Ergonomics
The special interest groups was formed in 1947 as a network for Physiotherapist specialising in occupational health & ergonomics. Membership gives a huge number of benefits not least keeping up to date with many areas of work and health. You do not have to work full time or even part time in a specific occupational health role to be a member, just have to be interested! Check out website and become a member! If you then love what you find ACPOHE provides a comprehensive CPD pathway to Registered Membership which demonstrates competency against the national Council for Work & Health guidelines.


Health & Safety Executive: Musculoskeletal Disorders

Health & Work Employer’s Booklet:

TSO Work_and_Health_Leaflet_1

Health & Work Employee’s Booklet:

TSO Health_and_Work_Employees_Booklet

The Work Foundation: Report on Self management of Chronic MSDs and employment


Macmillan Cancer Support: Work and Cancer:

Each year almost 120,000 people of working age are diagnosed with cancer. Whether you are an employee, carer, business or health professional we can provide support and information about work and cancer.


The Psychosocial flags system can help healthcare professionals create suitable rehabilitation plans for employees. Here is a copy of the article I wrote in 2010 for OH Magazine – it also has a CPD Quiz section at the end so you can see what you know! (please bear in mind the date of this article and that some thoughts may have evolved since it was published!)

Flying the flag CPD Article РOH Magazine 2010 (please click the text)

Flying the flag article-0

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A Biopsychosocial Approach to return to work – Heather Watson, published August 2015 in Occupational Health Journal (Vol 6, No 8) “An award winning approach to returning to work with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is getting results. Occupational Health Physiotherapist Heather Watson explains the strategy behind this effective multi-disciplinary intervention.”

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A Biopsychosocial approach to the return to work OCH_070815_026-029

OCH August 15 CPD Page

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